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'Preserving a Connection to a Natural Childhood'

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Below is Nature Play, Pop-Up Playgrounds, Birthday Parties, Incursions and Sparky's Carnival.

Sparky Do Dah

Why Sparky? Why?

Children today are experiencing a completely different childhood than their parents.

In one short generation things have changed so drastically, we need to stop, and have a look at what we are doing. Scientific research is showing there are some dire trends related to children's health and well-being that need to be addressed - as a matter of urgency.

The 3 biggest areas of change during this generation has been the explosion of technology, processed foods, and helicopter parents.

Technology itself is great. We love it. But we know that it's usage needs to be monitored as it encourages sedentary, indoor, non-social play. We proudly wave the 'Swap Screen Time for Green Time' flag.

Processed Foods are hard to escape from. The supermarkets are filled with them and they are just so easy, and tasty... But the high refined sugar content alone is responsible for an alarming rise in childhood obesity and related physical and mental health problems. There are lots of unhealthy skinny kids too. So... Eat more real food!

Helicopter Parents are the ones that hover over their children, make choices for them, and limiting their freedoms. The premise is 'to keep them safe', but the streets are statistically safer today that 40 years ago. Your child is more likely to get struck by lightning than be abducted. Unsupervised 'Roaming Areas' have reduced from kilometres, to 'within sight at all times'.

Sedentary lifestyles and poor diet are setting our children up for a life filled with dis-ease. And as they are not having independent life experiences as we did, they are not developing essential life skills, such as; calculated risk taking, effective communication, negotiation, creative problem solving, independence, leadership, etc.

We are not against 'change'. We just want things to develop in ways that benefit our kids.

We offer amazing opportunities for free play, nature play and family play.

Sparky Do Dah is a regular activity provider for Gold Coast, Brisbane and Ipswich City Councils.

Council Events

We have provided family entertainment at the biggest and best community events, shopping centres, schools, and have even run a series of successful creative arts carnivals off our own bat. We have helped hundreds of children celebrate their birthdays with a party that gets all the kids raving for weeks.

We are geared to be flexible; Our product is 'fun'; Our target market is families with kids 2 to 12 years.

Sparky Do Dah is striving to preserve a connection to a natural childhood.


Based on the Gold Coast, we service many areas throughout S.E. Queensland and Northern NSW.

Nature Play

Gold Coast

Nature Play is all about 'swapping Screen Time for Green Time'. It's about getting kids outside more often. It's about connecting kids with their neighbourhoods, with nature, with friends, with activity based learning, and the feelings of excitement and passion.

I am proud to be an officially Activity Provider for Nature Play QLD, and to have been a Finalist in the 2015 QORF Awards, (Queensland Outdoor Recreation Foundation).

My 'Natural Adventures' usually run for 2 hours and involve groups of about 30 children walking a short nature trail or exploring a local park or reserve. Along the way we complete a series of nature-based activities and games to connect the kids to the environment.

I also deliver 'Nature Play' experiences from a fixed location, with participants either rotating through activity stations, or coming and going as they please. This can work well for events and incursions.

Most of my Natural Adventures are supported by Active and Healthy (City of Gold Coast), and are offered free through each school holiday program. I am also expanding to different regional councils, schools, community events and birthday parties.

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Pop-Up Playgrounds

Sparky Do Dah

My Pop-Up Playgrounds are a mobile collection of awesome games and activities suitable for all ages and abilities.

They are utilized at community events, birthday parties, vacation care, festivals, markets, shopping centres, corporate functions and family BBQs... You Name It!

Each Pop-Up Playground I create is tailored for the occasion; with the ability to cover small birthday parties for toddlers, to filling an oval with hundreds of people actively engaged at any one time.

They are very well received at events such as Bleach* Festival, Kirra Kite Festival, Music in the Park and Family Fun Days.

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Some of the organisations that have enjoyed my Pop-Up Playgrounds...

Gold Coast Community Events

Birthday Parties

Gold Coast

Having me at your child's Birthday Party with a Pop-Up Playground is a guaranteed hit. I am always told that the kids are still chatting about it at school weeks after! I arrive with everything I need to suit the age and number of children at your party, with unique activities they can use as they please, as well as running fun party games to keep things hopping along.

With me looking after the kids, you can prepare the food and cake without stress, and enjoy chatting to the other parents. "This is the best Birthday I've thrown yet," is a common summation from mums.

I can rotate activities in your back yard, or we can grab some space at a local park.

A birthday party variation always gaining more interest is a dedicated Nature Play party which can involve a short walk or exploring a natural environment.

To know more, please click Gold Coast Birthday Party Entertainment.

Event Entertainment

Incursions (School and Vacation Care)

My Pop-Up Playground is popular for OSHC and Vacation Care as the kids can go a little wild and push their physical limits to a level they are comfortable. All activities are developmental in nature, and suit a wide range of ages being engaged at the one time.

My Nature Play program is also gaining interest as a Primary School incursion. We set up a base, discuss the benefits of Nature Play, then explore the school grounds and undertake a variety of different activities and games so children can recognise and connect with the natural world around them.

To know more, please click School and Vacation Care Incursions.


Sparky's Carnival

Gold Coast

Sparky's Carnival was my first foray in this field. I was sick of community events that only offered face painting, fairy floss and jumping castles for the children, and decided to create an event, that families could experience together, which only offered healthy food choices and developmental and progressive activities.

I ran my first 2 of these creative arts carnivals independently, before Active & Healthy (City of Gold Coast) caught wind of what I was doing and jumped on board to support me. I held 5 Sparky's Carnivals before the other elements of my business took over.

Sparky's Carnival was reignited over the Summer Holidays of 2015 at the NightQuarter Markets in Helensvale each Friday and Saturday Night. This permanent space included 3 shipping containers full of interactive exhibits and a large outside play area for kids to bounce from activity to activity. The playground had 5 staff members working with the children to help them imagine, create and play and the feedback was that the space was innovative beyond belief.

It is now geared for semi-permanent spaces, such as Shopping Centres and multi-day Festivals.

To know more, please click Sparky's Carnival.

Event Production

I can assist with your event production, whether you are just looking for an extra hand on the day, or want me to oversee the whole thing.

I have vast experience as an Event Producer, Production Coordinator, Logistics Manager, Site Manager, Marketing Manager, and many other elements of events from very big to small.

I have created my own events, as well as contributed as a team member and advisor on others. I am well connected to production personnel and entertainment providers in South East Queensland. I am looking forward to developing some of the many creative ideas I have, as well as work on amazing festivals and productions locally and abroad.

Although somewhat busy with my current program, I’m always looking for exciting opportunities that will take me to exciting places. If you have an idea, or goal you are trying to achieve, I may well be able to help you with that.

To know more, please make contact.

Sparky Do Dah featured in Haven Magazine

To coincide with my latest series of Natural Adventures, Haven Magazine dedicated a double page spread to Nature Play, which included photos from my previous adventures and an opinion piece from me. It was a real thrill to be published in the Gold Coast leading family magazine, sharing my thoughts from my childhood and how I’ve seen a societal shift now that I’m an adult.

Haven Magazine

Sparky Do Dah featured in Blank Magazine

Blank GC is the Coast’s leading independent cultural voice, and they have just included a feature on me, Sparky Do Dah! It covers Sparky’s Carnival, my Pop-Up Playgrounds and Natural Adventures. Thanks Blank!

Gold Coast Arts and Culture