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Sparky Do Dah

My Pop-Up Playgrounds are a mobile collection of games and activities that have all been designed to engage people of different ages, interests and abilities.

My activities are often described as ‘Good Old Fashioned Fun’, or getting ‘Back to Basics’.

Each Pop Up Playground I create is unique, and is determined by the location of the event, and the number and ability of participants.

Whether you are looking for someone to entertain the kids in a backyard birthday party, or for someone who can organise your entire festival, I have a big bag of tricks to help create an amazing event.

I can work with you to create your perfect solution for you, as I am very flexible with what I can deliver.

I am based on the Gold Coast, so most of my work occurs in South East Queensland and Northern NSW. For larger events, festivals and corporate work I can travel further afield if required.

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Some of the organisations that do and have enjoyed my Pop-Up Playgrounds…

Gold Coast Community Events

Pop-Up Playgrounds: Gold Coast, Logan, Brisbane

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Stilts Gold Coast

They encourage people to develop their coordination and confidence, in a relaxed and supportive environment. It is such a pleasure to see family and friends bonding over a challenge, helping each other to succeed.

Whether it’s trying to walk on stilts, or a parent introducing a child to totem tennis or coyts, it’s a non-competitive environment where users can explore their interests at their own pace.

At first glance the activities can look like they are just there for the kids, but it never takes long for parents who are young at heart to join in the fun.

Each pop-up playground is specifically designed (in conjunction with the event organiser) to suit the location and space available, the expected number of people, and their ages and abilities.

Of course, with any public event the exact mix isn’t guaranteed, so I have a big bag of tricks to draw from to keep things running smoothly.

Family Event Entertainment

I am not an ‘entertainer’ in the sense that I charge the big bucks for a short scripted show on a stage… I prefer to create an entertainment space and interact with the guests in a relaxed environment for the duration of your event.

My Pop-Up Playgrounds are unique, so I’m now in high demand with Gold Coast, Brisbane, Logan and Ipswich City Councils to provide engaging entertainment at many of their organised activities. These include School Holiday programs, Family Fun Days, Food Truck Festivals, Movies and Music in the park, Street Meets, etc.

My playgrounds can be small enough to fit under a 3×3 meter pop-up tent, or big enough to fill an oval.

I am flexible in how I approach each event, and have a variety of activities I can employ to suit your crowd. Depending on what you have planned already – and what you are looking to achieve, I am easy to work with and can tailor a package to suit you.

Gold Coast

Many of the activities in my Pop-Up Playgrounds are self-directed, so people can just walk up to something and start their fun. Stilts, Coyts, Totem Tennis, Hula Hoops, Skipping, Duck Drag Racing and Duck Fishing are just a few of these type of activities.

I also run organised activities like sack races, egg and spoon races, obstacle courses and tug of war.

I work with each event organiser, whether it be for a birthday party for a 4 year old with 10 friends, or a 3 day festival with hundreds interacting at any one time, to design a Pop-Up Playground that suits.

I have a vast collection of activities and games to suit Indoors, Grass, Street and Special needs…

I have a set hourly fee for me and all of my gear. There is a 2 hour minimum booking. If rain is responsible for cancelling your event, and you let me know more than 2 hours before the start, there is no charge from me.

Party Host Gold Coast

I have copies of my Risk Management Plan, Public Liability Insurance and Blue Card available at your request.

That’s me on the cover of the GC Sun Newspaper. Up, Up and Away!

I started this adventure by holding Creative Arts carnivals for kids aged 3 to 10, but with an ever-growing collection of activities and games to suit all ages, interests and abilities, it was a natural progression for me to charge an hourly rate for my pop-up playgrounds.

If you think I can be of service, please make contact.

One of my ‘Pop-Up Playgrounds’ at your Event will make it a Hit!

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Corporate Event Entertainment Gold Coast

Testimonial from Mantra Group

“After a recommendation from a friend, I asked Sparky to come along to our corporate family sports day – ‘Balls for a Cause’.

We were extremely impressed with the activities he organised for the kids – and the kids kept him busy all day long!

It was great to see kids challenging themselves, while also having fun.”

Louise Johnstone, Mantra Group.

Gold Coast Children's Entertainer

Testimonial from My Ormeau

“Our first annual Halloween alternative event, ‘Off the Streets’, was an opportunity for Ormeau residents (and connecting communities) to take the kids out in a safe, family-friendly environment.

We had arranged for Sparky to help on the entertainment front and he sure had his hands full on the night when over 2,000 people showed up (far above the numbers he was told to expect).

A true testament to his entertaining abilities, Sparky juggled the kids and activities from his bag of tricks. As children spilled through the doors he kept them safely entertained and having a ball for the duration of the event (which ran overtime by a good half hour!).

A pleasure to work with – both leading up to the event and on the day itself. Thanks a million. Can’t wait to see you at the next event as it’s sure to be bigger and better again!”

Michelle Gustavson, President My Ormeau Inc.