Natural Adventures

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Gold Coast Nature Play

Nature Play is all about swapping Screen Time for Green Time. As an official Nature Play QLD Activity Provider, my goal is to renormalise outdoor play, and get more kids outside more often to connect with the natural world.

Natural Adventures

  • My Natural Adventures are run on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan and Redlands
  • They are best for children 5 to 10 years of age
  • Events are Free, but bookings are required as numbers are limited
  • I run children through 2 hours of outdoor play activities
  • Parents are required to stay on site
Gold Coast Nature Play

I have now worked with thousands of children in natural settings. Each ‘Natural Adventures’ includes walking a nature trail, and a series of nature-based activities and games to connect the children to the specific environment. The activities each day are determined by the location, the elements, and the number/ages/interests/abilities of those in the group. There are many impromptu tangents to compliment my pre-organised activities and games, which I always encourage.

I agree with the principals and philosophies of Nature Play, which in essence, is unstructured outdoor play, where the children control the momentum of the activities.

I see my job as guiding the children through a range of activities, which are geared for them to make creative use of the natural surrounds.

I also encouraging children to adopt a passion for exploration, and explain that there are magical experiences in nature waiting for them right out their front door.

Upcoming Nature Play Events

Gold Coast – Palm Beach

Saturday 11 March 2018 – Natural Adventure in Palm Beach

Proudly supported by NaturallyGC, City of Gold Coast
9am to 11am | Palm Beach Parklands, Pirate Park, 945 Gold Coast Highway
In my Natural Adventures we explore a natural area, with a series of activities and games designed to connect your child to the environment. Parents must remain on site. The activity is free, but bookings are required as numbers are limited.
Please Click Here to Register for this event.

Gold Coast – Coomera

Saturday 13 May 2018 – Natural Adventure in Coomera

Proudly supported by NaturallyGC, City of Gold Coast
9am to 11am | Coomera
In my Natural Adventures we explore a natural area, with a series of activities and games designed to connect your child to the environment. Parents must remain on site. The activity is free, but bookings are required as numbers are limited.
Please Click Here to Register for this event.

I’m an Official ‘Nature Play QLD’ Activity Provider

Nature Play Gold Coast

Nature Play Qld have endorsed me as an Official Activity Provider as my Natural Adventure Series supports their mission.
Nature Play QLD’s mission is to increase the time Queensland kids spend in unstructured play outdoors and in nature. It is founded on the understanding that unstructured play outdoors – nature play – is fundamental to a full & healthy childhood. Nature play promotes health benefits, including cognitive, social and emotional development, and it builds resilience and creativity as well. Experiences in nature as a child can also lead to environmental awareness and stewardship later in life.”

I am an Activity Provider for Gold Coast, Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, and Redland City Councils.

Regional Councils

I am also a qualified Level 3 Forest School Leader. Please click Forest School for more information, and I have also delivered numerous Homeschool Programs with more info via the link.

I was a Finalist in the 2015 and 2016 QORF Awards

QORF Awards

QORF (Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation) is the peak body representing the interests of outdoor recreation users in Queensland, and affirms the value of outdoor recreation and encourages all people to recreate outdoors.

QORF’s primary purpose is to raise the profile, capacity and opportunity for outdoor recreation in Queensland and encourages all people to recreate outdoors. Live Life Outdoors, QORF’s logo tag line perfectly encapsulates our primary purpose.

I was honoured to be nominated, and then be named a finalist, in both the 2015 and 2016 awards.

Cadence has joined me for 2 adventures in Ipswich, with her father Daniel creating videos each time to showcase the experience. To see video of my adventures, please click Nature Play Videos.


Thank you for connecting my 5 year old with nature and outdoor play. You provided a good blend of fact fun and outdoor games; and you managed to keep a broad age (range 5-12) captivated. The 2 hours were well spent. You are clearly passionate about the Connection to a Natural Childhood. – Charlton

I participated in the adventure in Karawatha forest with my daughter during our visit to Brisbane. We are from Europe and we love the Nature here. Sparky made it even more interesting with lots of cool games and activities. We both loved it. – Stefania

What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon with the kids. My girls had a great time with Sparky Do Dah and his many activities he organised. Lots and lots of laughter and adventures. Highly recommended it and will definitely be going back for another visit. Thank you Sparky Do Dah! – Gaby

My daughters had a brilliant time exploring the great outdoors at your Natural Adventure at Karawatha Forest. I loved seeing them fully engaged in the fast-moving, fun and varied outdoor activities during the morning – everything from games to craft to education to exploration – and would highly recommend the experience to others. Thank you Sparky for what you do for and with kids helping them to better connect with their environment. Thank you Brisbane City Council for Karawatha and for putting on such wonderful free activities during the holidays – we’d love more like that! Nature really is the best playground! Cindy

Sparky Do Dah adventures are always a high point in our holidays. They are fun and educational, familiar (so the children can practice similar skills) but also different each time. Sparky manages to capture the attention of the children, be engaging and keep them interested, and sparks their interest to find out more answers independently. I would definitely recommend his activities – pop up playgrounds, natural adventures or anything he endorses. – Mary-Jane

Great seeing the kids loving and leaning about their outdoors and being inspired. Our kids didn’t want to leave – well done Sparky! – Melissa

Since I first introduced my 5 year old to Sparky’s Natural Adventures I make sure I book my daughter into at least one every holidays. It’s always a great day out. – Rebecca

My kids had an absolute ball on Sparky Do Dah’s Natural Adventure. His activities and games kept them very interested and taught them a great deal about the local fauna and flora. I wouldn’t hesitate to attend another one of his adventures! – Simon

Again, sensational. The passion Sparky shows is wonderful and all of the kids have such a great time – never mind the other positives of being active and outdoors. – Dallas

Love the energy displayed at the Nature Adventures, and the awareness about nature and the environment imparted to the kids. Education and fun all rolled into one! – Lynne

Thank you Sparky! My son told me how the ants work by the scent trails this morning when he saw me putting a jar of honey in a dish with water to prevent ants from getting into it. He remembers your explanation on that ant nest we saw at Karawatha Forest last Saturday! Any little information will help to stimulate the children in a positive way. Please continue your passion and hope all kids know about your program. Less screen more green, I totally agree! Please keep it up! – Cindy

It was so refreshing to see the kids showing an enthusiastic interest in nature and each other as they explored the park. You are an inspiring role model for kids and we are looking forward to coming along to more of your outings and having more regular nature play at our place. – Melissa

Thanks so much for having my two children on your Burleigh Natural Adventure. It was such a terrific event for children and enabled us to get outdoors for a fun activity. The kids loved your all your games. Your walk gave us a great excuse to enjoy the beautiful Gold Coast beach-side natural surroundings and walk up to Burleigh hill which is something we’d never done before. We met some lovely people and will tell our friends to join us next time. Very well organised and props to the Gold Coast City Council for supporting such a wonderful event to keep our children healthy and active. – Chelsea

My little girl attended your school holiday activity at Karawatha park. She had a fantastic time. I was very impressed you were able to entertain children from all ages. We will definitely book in the next school holidays. Thanks you for your energy and enthusiasm towards the children. – Louise

Thanks for an amazing morning! The kids loved it & can’t stop telling dad about all the fun they had & everything they learned! You are Awesome! – Lee-Ann Pine Bozorgmehr

It was such a fabulous variety of age appropriate outdoor activities and you were very engaging with the children. My children thoroughly enjoyed their morning. Sarah

My 2 kids enjoyed all the experience of learning so many new things in a place that is so familiar to them. Now, every park is a place to try and find new things. I admire your patience and how you managed to keep all those kids engaged for so long. You must be very proud of what you do! Thank you for your attention and care. – Elisabete

Sparky Do Dah’s Natural Adventure was by far the best kid’s activity we have ever attended on the Gold Coast. Sparky’s natural affinity with children, his deep knowledge of the natural world and his warmth and charisma made for a wonderful experience for both children and parents alike. There is not enough of this kind of thing on the Coast. – Emily

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To see all of the previous Nature Play events that Sparky Do Dah has been involved with over the years, please click Previous Nature Play Events.

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